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released February 23, 2012



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Scott Allan Knost Wichita, Kansas

Playing over 1,800 shows in 13 Countries and 29 States, Scott Allan Knost brings his percussive acoustic rock from Wichita, KS USA!

He has shared the stage with Martin Sexton, Uncle Kracker, Rehab, Casey Donahew, Andy Griggs, Kip Winger, L.A. Guns, Faster Pussycat, Britny Fox, Jackson Taylor & The Sinners, Mike McClure, Sunny Ledfurd, Rich O’Toole, Truckstop Honeymoon, John Berry & Buddy Jewell.
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Track Name: Drown

You give it away,
A minute too late,
A failure to launch once again.
You’re holding too close,
You can’t let it go,
Your doubting is what does you in.

But doesn’t it feel like you’re drowning?
Reaching and gasping for air.
Doesn’t it feel like you’re drowning?
And you don’t care.

I know you try,
But saying goodbye,
Is not your strongest trait.
You figure it out,
But it’s too late for now,
You know that I don’t like to wait.

Don’t take it too bad,
The memories we had,
Can never be replaced.
So dry your eyes,
While the waters they rise,
And fill up the empty space.

Copyright © 2006 ScottAllanKnost Music. BMI.
Track Name: Learn

When I was young,
I wanted everything.
I took all the colors,
And mixed them into gray.
And I'd lie awake at night,
Plotting and planning,
My great escape.
But you learn.

At twenty-one,
I thought I saw the world,
As it shone like a light,
Through the eyes of a fair skinned girl.
And I tried,
To curl up in her smile.
But I soon grew restless,
And inches turned to miles.
You learn.

At almost thirty-one,
I find it strange.
Old high school friends,
That seem to have never changed.
So I smile and wave and try,
To remember why in the world,
We thought that we could fly.
But you learn.

When I am old,
I hope that I can say.
That every joy,
Was worth every moment of pain.
Then I'd die,
A man who lived.
The beauty of music,
Is knowing where the silence is.

Copyright © 2007 ScottAllanKnost Music. BMI.